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Bedroom Lighting Tips

There are many options to consider for a bedroom.

Very commonly a light will be placed in the center of the room. A flush-mounted “dome” light offers simplistic style while offering sufficient lighting.  A semi flush fixture (either chandelier or dish) will provide a good full light for the room by allowing larger wattage bulbs and offering reflection off the ceiling.

Wall sconces can be used to offer a soft, ambient light. Typically they flank the bed and are mounted 60 – 66 inches from the floor.

Ceiling fans provide comfortable air flow but may not provide sufficient lighting, lamps or pot lights should be considered in this case.  Room size will determine the blade length.

Lamps should create cozy pools of light. The height of table lamps may be dependent on the height of your side table. You should not be able to see the neck of the light bulb when seated next to it. Same goes for floor lamps. 


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