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Outdoor Lighting Tips

Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your home, while also providing safety and security.  Great outdoor lighting allows you to relax or entertain after dark. 

Entrance-way – A well-lit entrance way allows you to greet guests and identify visitors easily and safely.  For under porch or walkway areas you can use recessed, chain hung, or close-to-ceiling fixtures.  Wall lanterns on each side of the door will give your home a warm, welcome look and can add style to the exterior. 

Perimeter Lighting – Recessed lighting in the soffit provides a beautiful glow around your home while also providing a smooth disbursement of light.  Changing the bulb colours can also add a seasonal effect to your home. 

Outside the garage – Mounting a wall lantern on either side is a great option.  Overhead fixtures for man doors surrounding the garage will also aid in providing security and safety.  Additionally, you may want to consider the added benefits or a motion sensor of photo cell to save energy.  

Steps, paths, decks – There is a wide variety of decorative and functional landscape lighting available to illuminate walkways in your yard so you and your guests can move about safely.  LED rope lighting is a popular option for decks, while LED accent lights are a great option for pathways.  


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